Paul Kinkaid has a long and distinguished career in leadership & development activities.

He has delivered a wide range of training development solutions to governments and organisations in the UK and overseas; including Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and at home with the Met Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence.

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Paul Kinkaid providing mentoring and coaching on career transitions

Systems Approach to Training

Selfless Leadership is a world-leading specialist in the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) methodology of training development.

Benefits of SAT:

  • Minimises risk throughout the entire training pipeline from analysis through to the design phase, delivery and assurance.
  • ISO 9001:2015 compliant.
  • Creates a fully auditable work stream that eases the course mapping for accreditation if required.
  • Simple agile process

We can deliver a training course on how to apply the SAT training development framework for your business, including the delivery of templates for future work, which will allow you to build an organic training development capability.

We provide a training development framework that can:

Analyse the requirement in detail


  • Clarity on the job – role performance and competencies for individual, team and organisational needs, and development opportunities.
  • Identifies the training audience; numbers, characteristics and learning preferences.
  • Identifies environmental impact.
  • Analyses team interaction, behaviour and leadership skills.
  • Identifies current training gap and level of risk.
  • Develops costed training options to close the gap.
Design a fully auditable training solution


  • Produces auditable training objectives and course documentation to standardise delivery.
  • Designs, develops and implements learner-centric, modern and blended learning solutions, optimizing technology and the learner experience.
  • Supports achievement of accreditation and qualifications.
Deliver engaging training programmes


  • Engaging training programmes delivered, based on clearly defined learning objectives.
  • Development of trainers to integrate modern learning approaches and optimise technology/ simulation.
  • Piloting of courses to ensure effective learning solutions.
Provide end-to-end assurance of the full training development & delivery pipeline


  • Measures effectiveness of course delivery against the requirement and learner satisfaction expectations.
  • Ensures training documentation content, media, and approach stays relevant to changing needs.
  • Measures impact and benefits of training investment.

In simple terms, it’s a framework that analyses the requirement of the role, after training, then designs and delivers a fully auditable programme of training, with a full risk register, and then assure the whole process end to end.

We can deliver holistic Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in innovative, accelerated and efficient ways.

“The work Paul has produced for us is to a standard that we have never seen here and sets the bar for any, and all, future work across the region. He has taken our processes beyond the next level.”


Get in touch for a call back regarding any aspect of training development, including:


  • Scoping Studies
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Audience Analysis
  • Training Quality Management Systems
  • Training Design
  • Training Delivery
  • Assurance and evaluation of training

Engage with me early on in any change, transformation or new project delivery to assess and advise on whether there will be an impact on training and if so, what options you have available to minimise expense and maximise training effectiveness.

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