We develop leaders across the full spectrum of leadership, from first-time line manager through to senior leaders and C-Suite executives.

Selfless leadership is all about giving as much of one’s self as is appropriate, not as is possible, to those around you. This includes your team, to your peers and to your bosses. Leading selflessly in a holistic manner ensures that the organisation is likely to achieve its vision and objectives easier.

We provide a leadership development program that focuses on practical leadership skills training and benefits your business units in the long-term.

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Paul Kinkaid providing mentoring and coaching on career transitions
Anyone can be a leader, as long as they want to be. Leaders look for, exploit and, if necessary, create freedoms rather than working within constraints.

The services we offer include:

  • Leadership training, coaching and mentoring
  • Workshops, Masterclasses, and Courses
  • Decision-making models and framework to ensure you can make more insightful, and informed decisions quicker than those around you in order to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Diagnostics for individuals and teams to determine natural strengths and talents in the Talent Scan.
  • A course for those new to leadership called ‘Leadership: The Dark Arts’
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Selfless Leadership creates inspirational, visionary leaders who lead cohesive teams with the will to follow and work for one another.

From the smallest team to the board of the largest global organisation, we can develop you.

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Selfless leaders care about their teams, their colleagues, peers and seniors; they are empathetic, utilise their emotional intelligence to identify when action needs to be taken, and they act.

Their leadership style also ensures that their team’s opinions are represented at the highest levels. A team led by a selfless leader works well, is productive and is happy.

We provide opportunities to develop your leaders to their high potential, through a range of interventions. These focus on the development of personal leadership skills, team and organisational awareness and, critically, emotional intelligence.

Options for our leadership courses include workshops of various lengths; bespoke interventions that are contextualised for your organisation, one-to-one, and one-to-many courses.

Our Director, by virtue of his background, knows how to stay calm in the most challenging situations and can empower you to do the same, to stop, think and then act in a manner that inspires confidence.

We deliver leader development workshops, individual executive coaching, group coaching, as well as Masterclasses in a range of subjects.


“As we moved through the process of merging two of our business it became apparent there were significant inter-personal issues with members of the Executive team which were adversely impacting the merger process. I engaged Paul to help tackle the problems we were having with the team. Paul and I initially worked on a brief together to scope and bound the problems and issues. Based on his vast experience and knowledge Paul was able to take the brief and following one-on-one interviews and assessment he was able develop an approach and process for us. Paul then designed and delivered a series of facilitated workshops establishing goals, targets, key behaviours and a road map for the team. Following the intervention the merger process is back on track and the Executive team are aligned, focussed and working as a single team. A fantastic result professionally delivered.”

(Martin Perry, Executive Director, Bilfinger UK)


“The work Paul has produced for us is to a standard that we have never seen here and sets the bar for any, and all, future work across the region. He has taken our processes beyond the next level. The beauty of it is that it’s true complexity is hidden and so everyone understands it.”

(In Country Manager, UAE)


“Paul is a fantastic coach who has helped me to evaluate and understand where I want to be by using skillful and thought provoking techniques. In challenging times, he has helped me focus on my true goals and supported me to achieve them. He operates with great integrity and professionalism at all times whilst also offering friendly advice and direction. Paul has encouraged me to take ownership of my future and to make realistic short term and long term goals in order to be a success. He has taught me not to focus on what I “should” be doing or what others think is successful, but rather what is important to me and what aligns with my values. I look forward to continuing to work with Paul and to further improve my development.”

(Natalie Grover, EDF Energy, Project Leadership Team)

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